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The essence of your company is unique. It’s what you hitch your programs, identity and investments to, so the more obvious it is, the more fully clients, partners, customers and even staff can understand and embrace it.

It’s essentially your brand – what you stand for, what you exist for, what you’re good for.

How’s yours?

A little brand refinement can lead to extraordinary things, like a succinct tagline that galvanizes everything you do. Or a one-pager that clarifies and summarizes the company brand for all your stakeholders. A refreshed logo and colour palette. Or an updated mission, vision and values.

A Chilco Street consultation about the state of your brand, and how we might help to strengthen it, can be revealing. And productive. And might very well change everything, for the better.

Past Work: Branding

Tagline captures a charity’s essence

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Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) was looking to strengthen its profile and expand its reach. We modernized the brand, refined the logo and introduced a new colour palette and design elements. But the existing tagline didn’t match the organization’s refreshed energy, so we developed a new one:

Peer to peer. Strength to strength.

These few words capture the core of the organization, reflecting the power and strength of its peer support program and its resilient community.

(Work produced as SCIO’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)

Rebranding strengthens a health charity

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This small, mighty charity that does extraordinary work was struggling with an ordinary brand and profile. They needed a strong new identity to distinguish them from similar, heavily resourced charities and to boldly announce their purpose.

We secured pro bono design work to create a logo suite that breathed new life into the charity. And we created a tagline to capture both its powerful mission and the problem it solves for children: Closing the gap in cleft care.

(Work produced as Transforming Faces’ Manager, Communications.)