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There’s great beauty in taking a step back to see where you’re going. As there is in finding clarity and uncovering new opportunities. And, sometimes, inviting a fresh lens from an outside professional can infuse new ideas, insights and innovations into your plans. Also beautiful.

A Chilco Street consultation on communications planning doesn’t have to be about the sweeping strategic plan that sets company direction for the next three or five years. It can be. But it can also be about this year’s plan to enliven internal communications or launch a new product or program. It can be a vibrant comms plan to strategically expand your partnership network, increase your media coverage or engage your community.

Whatever your vision, a well organized, creative communications plan takes you there, and meets your goals, objectives and KPIs along the way.

Past Work: Communications Plans

Annual plan supports diverse growth

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An independent school’s vibrant atmosphere is infused by student energy, teacher passion, enrolment targets and sophisticated community fundraising. It’s a unique, complex setting that demands a strong marketing and communications plan.

So we talked with the enrolment, fundraising, academic and administrative teams before producing a powerful plan to support strategic goals. A creative annual theme informed fresh messaging, channels and tactics, and strong evaluation and outcomes demonstrated our, if we do say so, outstanding success.

(Work produced as BSS’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)

Systems plan readies community engagement

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One of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s (SCIO’s) inspiring strategic goals was to amplify its community’s voice. To do so, we knew we had to develop a strong foundation of tools and systems to create innovative, multi-channel community engagement opportunities.

We developed a clear and comprehensive plan to set the stage for success, establishing shared goals and objectives, then drew up mini departmental plans to refresh independent processes and consolidate systems until we had efficient, seamless channels and consistent, timely community communications. Phew! It worked.

(Work produced as SCIO’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)