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The fun stuff, let’s face it, is creative brainstorming, landing on the perfect wording and producing dazzling designs. Getting positive press coverage doubles the fun. And watching your community engage with your work? Off the charts.

Not usually associated with a good time is project monitoring, evaluation and measurement. And, okay, it may not be all laughs, but it sure does position your project in the best possible light.

That illumination comes in the form of data intelligence: it proves you’ve met or exceeded your goals; it indicates the areas where more resources are needed; it supports your course corrections, expenditures and outcomes; and it informs the parameters of subsequent projects, saving time and money, a recognized career-building move.

A Chilco Street consultation on project evaluation puts in motion sound policies and procedures that form the foundation of project management and reliable data-gathering. That could be anything from a multi-level dashboard to measure social media engagement to a consumer feedback survey to ongoing website analytics to a respectful cross-divisional debriefing process. It all leads to a happy place with watertight metrics and welcome peace of mind.

Past Work: Project Evaluation

Project plan goes company-wide

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The project plan template is every project manager’s dream. A simple layout, online form or fillable PDF, records an internal client’s project goals, strategic tie-in, budget, timelines, outcomes and evaluation. Introduced into the workplace to confirm direction, manage expectations, assign roles, stay on track.

In spite of less-than-100% uptake from all departments, every time, the project plan template remains a functional communications tool that encourages forethought and ownership. We use it regularly to avoid classic project pitfalls. It’s simply good planning, together.

Social media in graphic detail

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The boss calls to say the board marketing committee wants metrics on the last social media campaign to justify the spend.

No panic required. A custom Google Analytics dashboard confirms referral sites, landing page hits, ad specs and conversion rates. We put this in a nice chart, along with screenshots of the highest and lowest performing posts, analysis and integrated efforts, capturing the full campaign flavour and impact. We include online comments, indicating diverse community engagement and – bonus – identify how these metrics will improve subsequent campaigns and offline communications.