with Chilco Street Communications

No matter how experienced you are in the field of communications, there are times that scream out for an objective perspective, an intuitive sounding board.

We’ve all been there – scenarios you’ve handled easily in the past suddenly stymie you. You’re uncharacteristically indecisive. All you can see are risks and threats, no matter what move you make. This is when you could use some input on how to manage a stubborn communications problem, how to restructure your department or how to unblock a logjam in planning.

When facing this type of professional challenge, it’s surprising how helpful it can be to talk things out in confidence. Speaking to another communications professional can provide that all-important objective ear and the opportunity to relate on common ground as you see your way through to concrete solutions.

A Chilco Street consultation about pro-to-pro mentorship can open the door to sweet relief. Being heard, understood and supported by someone with over three decades in communications can return a sense of confidence and control to your professional life.