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What value can we place on community? For any business or charity, the trusted relationship you have with your organizational partners is priceless. Which is why keeping them engaged, positive and proud of their affiliation with you is a wise and worthy investment.

It can be easy to let momentum slip, rely on stale communications or allow too much time between touchpoints. You don’t necessarily need CRM technology to nurture these important relationships, just good old-fashioned attention and an astute contact approach.

How about making this the year to reinforce connections with your donors, volunteers, board members, staff, customers and clients? And let’s not forget about your vendors, neighbours, government reps and sector associations. The more personal and strategic your connections, the stronger your community, the more profound your impact.

A Chilco Street consultation on partner relations – whether you’re keeping them sweet or delving into damage control – can inject energy, intentionality and sustainability into your hard-won alliances. And that’s worth everything.

Past Work: Partner Relations

Soaking up tears on graduation day

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On an emotional day, parents gather to watch their daughters graduate from Bishop Strachan School. The girls sing a moving song they wrote to honour the school’s 150th year. A beautiful science, technology and arts wing has just been built. The girls have worked exceedingly hard to get to this day.

A video naming each of the 100 graduates plays to There She Goes by the LAs. And there, on the seat for every parent, is a package of tissues designed to match the joyous, tearful occasion.

(Work produced as BSS’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)

Partner benefits on the menu

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Corporate partners connected with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) through their area of interest: advocacy, fundraising, training, research, community events. Every partner was appreciated and had the opportunity to contribute and benefit in innovative ways but a consistent approach was required.

We consolidated offerings between departments and established a process to support and manage partners in a customized way. To support this process, we created a handy branded menu of communications deliverables to inspire and confirm the many benefits of an SCIO partnership. Clarity = comfort.

(Work produced as SCIO’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)