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All the rules of producing impeccable print communications also apply to digital. And with the added versatility, cost-effectiveness and immediate impact of digital platforms, you’ve got lots of room to play. Not to mention bounce rates, optimization and tik tok, which all sound like a lot of fun.

The trick is to use concise, high-impact content with clear calls to action and a meaningful message. And to never trick the user. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of digital properties, anonymous companies and the relentless pursuit of clicks, but we want you to stand out, with integrity.

How about a beautiful series of customized memes to creatively promote a program or advocate for a cause?

Want to tell a powerful story? Let’s make a powerful video. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but can be one of your premier marketing tools.

And how about turning the heads of new members, clients or donors? We can strategize on leveraging your networks and platforms to create or reinforce relationships.

A Chilco Street consultation on your digital media needs can lead to ramped up outreach, and the invigorating energy of incoming connections.

Past Work: Digital Media

Videos drive Toronto vax engagement

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The City of Toronto worked aggressively to get residents vaccinated in the face of COVID-19. Gratefully, the number of fully vaccinated people rose – 20% of eligible residents, 40%, 60%, 80% and more!

But we needed to reach people who faced barriers to accessing the vaccine. They needed to feel comfortable doing so, and they needed to feel seen.

The Toronto Voices video series helped do exactly that. Ten short stories that illuminated deeply personal experiences with COVID-19. A moving, powerful way to connect.

(Work produced as Communications Advisor, City of Toronto.)

Digital magazine moves online in style

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It was time to take Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s print magazine in a new direction, update its title and design, diversify its content and bring it online to expand its reach.

The digital magazine needed to meet the highest AODA standards, be searchable and strategically categorized. Metrics would determine readership preferences, and help course correct content decisions and improve impact.

So we did all that. Community Magazine now lives online and is accessible to all.

(Work produced as SCIO’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)