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Good writing opens doors, hearts and wallets – not with manipulation but with truth. It doesn’t just inform, persuade or promote; it creates an experience that resonates.

What you have to say, and how you say it, is vitally important. You can present your message in a million different ways, but its power is in the way it touches people and invites them in. Whether it’s a stunning suite of collateral, crisp news release, rousing speech, interactive website or integrated, accessible messaging across all platforms, your words and images deserve careful, expert treatment.

A Chilco Street consultation on creating content might surprise you. A guided conversation can shake loose salient points, capturing precisely what you want to achieve. We shape these ideas to ring true and clear, cut through marketplace noise and make your content sing.

Past Work: Content Creation

Documenting a milestone in 150 ways

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The same year as Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Bishop Strachan School (BSS) celebrated its own 150th. That’s quite a few years of excellence in girls’ education, and a deserving reason to pull out all the stops to celebrate.

Along with videos, speeches, fundraising web portals, event materials and promotional items, we produced magazines throughout the anniversary year that beautifully captured, in compelling detail, the school’s first, second and last 50 years of extraordinary heritage.

(Work produced as BSS’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)

Way to overhaul a school’s website

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We absolutely adore building websites from scratch. Giving deep, data-based thought to the structure, content, design, functionality, marketing, SEO and responsiveness of every corner of every page.

So we were over the moon when this project presented itself at the Bishop Strachan School. The school needed to shout out its mission, vision and values. Attract new students and staff. Fundraise. Engage former students. Honour its history. Inspire its future. And that’s just what we created. Online. On time. On budget.

(Work produced as BSS’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)