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Let’s say you have a bit of time on your hands. You’re flipping through Twitter or Facebook, or going through your mail. Suddenly you find yourself grabbing your credit card to make an online donation, or forwarding an email to a friend to get them on board, or writing to your local government to demand change.

What happened? Something got to you. Behind the scenes, someone produced a campaign that made you stop. And feel enough to act.

A Chilco Street consultation on creating a compelling fundraising or advocacy campaign is the first step in soliciting a donation, securing a ticket purchase and kick-starting peer-to-peer fundraising or community activism.

The next step is to go backwards, tracing all the intuitive steps that would likely lead to those actions. Then we build our way into the present. It’s a creative journey that generates impressive outcomes. Like positive change in the world.

Past Work: Campaign Strategy

Advocacy campaign creates change

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Goal: increase provincial funding for catheters, an expensive daily device needed by tens of thousands of people with spinal cord injury in Ontario. Serious business.

How do you make it resonate? Be bold. A little bit irreverent. Use scrupulous facts. Scant copy. Spectacular design. Expert spokespeople. Produce a powerful video. Integrate on all platforms.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Pee for Free campaign checked every box. The need was understood and the cause embraced by Queen’s Park politicians, who broke into enthusiastic applause at our efforts.

(Work produced as SCIO’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)

COVID forces creative fundraising pivot

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When COVID-19 hit, vulnerable communities urgently needed hard-to-find personal protection equipment (PPE) and in-home support. For Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, this meant pivoting to a completely new fundraising campaign.

Enter Safe@Home, Connecting in a Crisis. We developed the name, tagline, communications tactics, and print and digital collateral to help the fundraising team set the campaign in motion. The result? Strong financial and in-kind donations, rejuvenated corporate partnerships, critical information sharing and essential health-protecting community impact.

(Work produced as SCIO’s Director, Marketing & Communications.)