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Consider your
project done.

(And done well.)

When you need a bit of help to move projects – big or small – off your desk and into the world, Chilco Street is ready with expert communications support. We’ve been there when the pressure is on and can work quickly and efficiently to take you to the finish line. 

Ways to work together, affordably

  1. Hourly rate for quick wins
  2. Flat rate for tactical projects
  3. Professional services agreement for extended or multi-faceted projects

Sample scenarios (or how to turn project stress into project success):

I’m a Communications Manager with an urgent need to support my charity’s Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign. Help!

Exciting project!

We’ll chat about timelines, fundraising goals, targets and deliverables, then Chilco Street will produce a creative concept and mini communications plan.

After your review and feedback, we’ll deliver the finished plan, designed materials, donation form content and digital assets, and you’re all set to support a major fundraising success!

I’m a VP Marcoms who’s short staffed with an unfinished event promo plan, media pitch, web content and speech. I need someone to take them on – and fast. Help!

On it!

We’ll get background and the incomplete work, confirm deliverables, then Chilco Street will work with appropriate staff/stakeholders to produce draft work for each project.

After review and revisions, we’ll deliver the projects and execute the plans, and can continue to support you until you’re no longer short-staffed!

I’m a designer with a client who needs content for a magazine, and we’re about to go to press. Help!

Bring it on.

We’ll have a chat about the scope of work and any connections that need to be made to produce compelling, error-free content.

Chilco Street will then start writing and you can start adding content to your beautiful designs.

I am an HR Director with sensitive information to share with my workforce. It needs simplification in PowerPoint and a rollout plan. Help!

We’ve got your back.

We’ll get background and confirm timelines and relevant policies, then Chilco Street will work to create draft materials and share.

After revisions, we’ll deliver the work and execute the plans, if required. We can also consider a service agreement for ongoing employee communications, as we know this area inside out!

I need an entirely new organizational website. Like, from scratch. This quarter. Help!

Pas de problem.

We’ll involve Chilco Street’s designer and web developer colleagues to get the lay of the land (or should we say, the site).

We’ll share a questionnaire for your key stakeholders to inform the site’s purposes, and produce a proposal outlining the site audit, design, build, functionality and content development, along with associated budget and payment arrangements.

You can proudly share a gorgeous and functional site within six weeks or so.

I’ve been asked to create a digital strategy and I’m not quite sure where to start and I don’t have the budget to hire an agency. Help!

Never fear.

Chilco Street will produce a digital strategy plan that includes your target audience, calls to action, use of social media channels and the assets you need to execute the strategy.

If you need us to execute the strategy, we’ll be happy to do that as well, so you can start building up your online community asap.

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