Welcome! Here’s a bit about Chilco Street.

Marianne squatting beside her dog, Georgie in a snow covered park

Think of Chilco Street as your full-service communications department, off site and on call. For any size business or charity.

Chilco Street is a Canadian communications shop operated by Marianne Chilco, who has produced strategic communications, primarily in the nonprofit sector, for more than 30 years. Time enough to build top-notch skills and insights to solve problems and increase engagement in any sector.

Why the dogs?

Why not? If there was ever an animal that represented good, open, vibrant communication, it’s the glorious dog, with all due respect to cats and other beloved creatures among us. (That’s Marianne and her Georgie Girl on this page.)

When you need to drive home a powerful message,

talk to us and we’ll get you there, with…

  • Expert writing and storytelling
  • Comprehensive communications planning, campaign strategy and creative concepts
  • Brand-building print and digital publications from concept to copywriting to design
  • Consultation on outreach, promotions and partnerships
  • AODA-compliant website design and development, digital media strategy

Gorgeous design
and digital


When your project requires graphic design or digital properties with user-centred functionality and scrupulous privacy/accessibility standards, Chilco Street calls on a small, exceptional team of tried-and-true professional collaborators to produce the highest quality communications.

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Well said!

A few thoughts from other pros

Stuart Howe, CEO, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO)

I can’t thank Marianne enough for her enthusiasm and accomplishments in raising the bar on our marketing and communications efforts, creating a strong, top class brand framework and developing awareness across multiple channels and media for SCIO.  A true professional, Marianne embraced and excelled at the challenges of taking our marketing and communications from the ‘basement to the penthouse’.

Deryn Lavell, Former Head of School, The Bishop Strachan School

I had the pleasure of working with Marianne during our time together at the Bishop Strachan School. She is a talented communicator who knows how to get messaging across on a variety of platforms. I so enjoyed her quick wit and passion for her craft.

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